BSA Troop # 641

Welcome !

Welcome to Troop 641

Boy Scout Troop 641 is located in the beautiful piney woods of the Memorial neighborhood of Houston, TX. Now in our 70th year, our troop is a place where generations of boys (ages 11 - 17 yrs) have grown to be men. 

Our program is focused on Adventure, Leadership, and Service:

  • Adventure is the outdoor fun that is fundamental to boy scouting. Each year we have a variety of activites including camping, hiking, canoeing, zip lining, bouldering, climbing, rappelling, shooting, fishing, wild game cooking, survival skills, and more. Boys have fun while they learn valuable skills, teamwork, and self-reliance. 2017 summer camping trips included sailing in the Virgin Islands, Yosemite National Park, the mountains of Colorado, Kia Kima in Arkansas, Boy Scout Jamboree (in WV), and Philmont Scout Ranch in NM.
  • Leadership is one of the skills that scouting teaches best: boys learn how to organize, motivate, and lead groups of their peers. Younger scouts begin with citizenship and teamwork skills. As they advance in the program, they are given the opportunity to hold “Positions of Responsibility,” where they lead and coordinate groups of other scouts.
  • Service is the way we give back to the community, both as individual scouts and as a troop.  We have dozens of service opportunities each year, giving scouts many ways to help others. In the last year, our scouts' projects helped homeless missions, schools in underpriviledged neighborhoods, local municipalities, law enforcement, animal sanctuaries, and our regional environment. Recent activities including cleaning out several houses after flooding from Harvey and helping Operation BBQ Rescue serve 30,000 to local shelters and first responders. 

Our weekly troop meetings are Tuesday nights at 7 PM (during the school year) in the Smith Sout Lodge at Chapelwood United Methodist Church.  

Welcome Middle-School and High-School Boys!
All boys ages 11-17 years old are welcome, and you can join at any time in that period. Being a cub scout is not required - in fact, many of our top-ranking scouts joined anywhere between 6th and 9th grade. To learn more, please join us for any Tuesday night troop meeting. Please contact Scoutmaster Chambers for more information. 


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